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TopHuf Services


At TopHuf we offer a range of services that are tailored entirely to your needs.  All horses have a stable, access to the multi surface 500m track (Paddock Paradise), use of our Martin Collins Sand and CLOPF manege, jumps, mirrors and miles of lovely Berkshire hacking.  


Free Wifi, takcroom, diet and mineral management. Ongoing hoof, exercise and diet management, advise monitooring, photos, videos, progress reports etc  


  • Part Livery - feed, hay and bedding, muck outs, turn out - in  

  • Full Livery -  full service including exercise 4x per week, groom

  • Rehabilitation Livery - full service rehab - ideal for navicular, suspensory, pedal bone rotation/laminitis and barefoot transition  - individual support programme


Additional Services

  • Barefoot Trim - UKNHCP Qualified

  • Lucy Priory trim and advice

  • Equine Sports Massage & Bio-Mechanics expert, Pennie Hooper -

  • McTomony Chiro. Bowen, Cranio Sacral, Expert saddle/bit fitter - Emma Roberts,

  • Hoof boots - for sale or rented

  • Use of the ArcEquine Therapy kit -

  • Worm and cushings / Insulin Resistance testing

  •  I-gotu - movement tracker system

  • Bio-Mechanics riding lessons - with video feedback facilities

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